DJ Johnson - Our 13th District State Representative

Working for the People of Owensboro, Daviess County, and Kentucky.

The Things That Matter

Growing Our Economy

-Helped attract $9 Billion statewide in new business growth

- Fought for 17,000 new jobs statewide, and 1,000 new jobs started or coming to the Owensboro region

-Voted for policies that have annual local and state revenues on the rise, exceeding projections for the first time in many years

Implementing Common Sense Policies

-Voted for a plan to reduce state pension shortfalls

-Passed a legitimate, structurally-balanced budget

-Lowered our individual, small business and corporate income taxes and began modernizing our antiquated tax system

Fighting for Our Long-held Values

-A U.S. Army veteran

-Sworn to defend our Constitution

-Protects the sanctity of life

-Defends the Bill of Rights, particularly our 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms

-Enacted legislation to battle the crippling opiod crisis and punish drug dealers

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